1•2 Build

Structural design analysis in 1, 2, 3...


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1•2 Build

1•2 Build allows you to size beams and columns safely and accurately already in the early design phase, based on a minimum amount of data.

Without any effort

Within 1•2 Build's user-friendly environment, you can simply draw a beam or frame structure on the screen. Next, the model is completed graphically and interactively with boundary conditions, permanent loads and variable loads.

The most optimal design

1•2 Build is the perfect tool for your day-to-day analyses and for the estimation of material quantities. At any time, it will propose the most optimal solution for your design projects.

A profitable investment

1•2 Build is a complete solution which offers you (for a fixed price) all necessary functionality for optimal structural design, up to the creation of a concise and highly reliable analysis report.

Many options

With a large cross-section library containing IPE, HEA, HEB, HEM, L, T, U, W, circular and rectangular cross-sections.

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