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The perfect mobile CAD for you.

CAD Pockets

CAD Pockets (formerly ZWCAD Touch) is a powerful mobile CAD app tailor-made for designers, architects and engineers on their iOS and Android devices. It supports various file formats ranging from DWG, DXF, to DWF.

Full workflow support from receiving to sharing

Open, edit, send and share drawings in four simple steps. Greatly enhancing workflow efficiency.

Open drawings without the wait

Without any lag, your drawings on CAD Pockets are displayed quickly allowing you to present ideas and designs with a simple tap.

More than just a viewer

Inspiration hits at any time. Create, edit and annotate whenever and wherever you need to.

Voice your opinion

CAD Pockets allows you to annotate beyond text, leave your thoughts via a VoiceNote or with a photo insert.

Syn files effortlessly

Access your files from any device with our third-party cloud support. Utilise Dropbox, Skydive and so much more.

View 3D models with ease

Aid your clients in the visitation process by bringing your designs with you. View your models in 3D with CAD Pockets.

Seeing is believing, ZWCAD in the Philippines

"With the combination of ease of use, DWG native format, feature rich commands, user interface, and affordable price point of ZWCAD, it's looking like I may have just turned the corner and freed myself from an old way of thinking."

Ray Howard
Ray Howard CEO of CAD2BIM Solutions
Download it from the App Store
get it from google play