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For a small price you can easily draw and edit using advanced commands and largest library of symbols and objects. CADprofi contains 4 modules that will satisfy the need of every designer.

  • Metric or imperial units available.
  • Tools for full description and projects detailing.
  • Automatic numbering of objects.
  • A system of quick search of products in the database.
  • Access to CAD libraries of many world known manufacturers.
  • Possibility to important and add to the program user's own symbols or objects.
  • Automatic layer management and printing styles allows user to achieve prints with predefined line thickness, colours, etc.
  • Smart insertion of objects with the possibility of attaching them to other objects by using the "one-click" technology.
  • Versatile editing commands that allow for reversal of elements, extending steel profiles etc.
  • System of freely configurable marking welds, tolerance signs, edge, roughness and others.

CADprofi Mechanical

An extensive set of standardised parts prepared on the basis of national and international standards.

  • Designing is done in accordance with designers habits and requirements.
  • Metric or imperial units available.
  • Tools for full description and projects detailing.
  • Automatic numbering of objects.
  • Automatic defining and marking of rooms with surface calculation.
  • Drawing walls along the selected edge with the possibility to determine the offset from the indicated points or other objects.
  • Drawing of single and multi-layered walls with the ability to define any material and thickness of each wall layer.
  • Insertion of roofs with the possibility of calculating surface slopes, roof angles and its height.
  • Library of furniture, sanitary equipment, household appliances, plants and other.
  • Level symbols with automatic filling of indicated points ordinates.

CADprofi Architectural

Helps in creating construction drawings, cross-sections and elevations. A unique program feature is the possibility to create evacuation and safety plans.

  • Metric or imperial units available.
  • Designing power distribution, control and automation installations with usage of multivariant symbols that allows for any configuration of apparatus.
  • Complete symbols of IEC, NFPA, ISO, PN and other libraries that have been prepared in accordance with both national and international standards. Symbols can be inserted with automatic positioning, line interruptions, automatic numbering and labeling.
  • Complete libraries of leading manufacturers (Hager, Lovato, Cablofil, Legrand, ETI and others).
  • Quick addressing of objects and numbering of electrical circuits with automatic control of numbering correctness.
  • Predefined line circuit templates, distribution centres (switchgear), motor starters and many more.
  • Designing ICT cabinets with elements of structural cabling.
  • Designing automation systems - also with inclusion of PLC controllers.
  • Designing many types of low voltage installations, including alarm systems, supervision, IP video surveillance, antennas and others.
  • Designing busbars installations with the possibility to work in 2D or 3D.

CADprofi Electrical

Program helps in designing of all electrical installations in both construction and industry. Application has got a convenient schematic editor, a possibility to design on architectural plans, as well as, the possibility to create 3D models for some installation types.

  • Easy edition of P&ID schemes, heating, water and sewage strand diagrams, designing plans, cross-sections and other installation views.
  • Multivariant symbols that allows for easy configuration of shut-off or regulation valves, actuators, connections, distributors, risers etc.
  • Quick edition of schemes with the possibility to use symbols inverting options (e.g. changing the overflow direction), symbols zooming, smart copying, changing symbols, deleting symbols from lines etc.
  • Visualization of type of lines which facilitates the appropriate project preparation.
  • Predefined parts of diagrams, heating circuits etc. with the possibility to save your own diagrams.
  • Drawing isometry and dimetry with automatic conversion of standard symbols and user symbols into isometric view.
  • Hydraulic calculations, selection of line length and automatic drawing of heating and hot tap water strand diagrams in KaMo/Delta libraries.
  • Drawing of real views of pipes and ventilation ducts with automatic insertion of appropriate fittings with the possibility of their later edition.
  • Quick drawing of installation sequences along the indicated line (possibility to change lines into pipelines or ventilation).
  • Automatic connection of lines to objects and connection of ducts and pipes using a variety of connectors

CADprofi HVAC & Piping

Program helps in designing heating, water and sewage, gas, medical, fire safety, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, technological and other installation types in both construction and industry.

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