The No.1 in building simulation from Belgium.


Developed with 25+ years of structural expertise.


BuildSoft Diamonds is a modular building simulation package for the calculation of all types of structures in steel, concrete and wood.

Superior ease of use

Diamonds is the structural engineers natural working environment. Allowing for a fully transparent management of your structural analysis models, Diamonds accommodates itself to your needs and preferences. Its highly intuitive and vertices working environment enables you to do your job in the shortest possible time frame.

Powerful performance

The Diamonds solver is based on the robust and powerful PARADISE sparse solver technology assuring maximum computing performance with minimum memory usage, allowing both simple 2D and complex 3D calculation to be solved in no time.

Flexible structure

Through a series of well-planned design packs, Diamonds offers attractively priced solutions tailored to various customer needs.

Wind & snow generator

Thanks to the build-in climate generators, the definition of wind and snow loads is very strait forward and set automatically according to the design code of your choice.

Licensing - personalise your product

See how easy it is to specify user defined cross-sections.

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Diamonds is available for full purchase, 6-month subscription or lease.