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Faster & Easier 3D Design

IronCAD lets you design the way you think, intuitively and powerfully. Its significantly faster to use
and much easier to learn than conventional 3D design software.
Put simply, get far more return on your investment from every minute you or your team uses the software.

  What makes a design alluring? We believe that the answer lies in the synergy between software and designer. That’s why we have made our entire focus on you – the designer. Your style, your ideas, your creativity. Go on – Try IronCAD and start designing with joy today!

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 Use the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite — a complete range of CAD programs designed around core 3D modeling software IRONCAD — to optimize your engineering team’s design process, effortlessly move between 3D and 2D, and support seamless collaboration throughout your organization and beyond.


 IRONCAD INOVATE is cost-effective 3D CAD software that bridges the gap between today’s viewer technology and a full-blown CAD seat. Enabling true upstream and downstream design collaboration, INOVATE allows users across an organization to create, modify, and share design concepts in 3D.


IRONCAD COMPOSE is free iPad, and PC collaboration software that allows sales and engineering teams to view, interrogate, and comment on designs and engineering data generated from any major 3D CAD system, dramatically reducing time to market.


Catalog System

IronCAD’s drag and drop catalog system is your 3D palette for useful CAD data. Whether it’s useful parts, features, tools, materials, animations and more, you can drag and drop them in to save them and out to use them at any time. It’s lightning quick and incredibly customisable.

Skip the Mating Process

Because you can design everything in one file, all your components are already in the right place fitting perfectly. There’s no need to mate components unless you’d like them to have movement, in which case just mate the ones with movement and leave the rest.

Working with

IronCAD has two built-in drafting packages, one for drawing views in paper space and one for more advanced drafting, similar to AutoCAD. You can work natively with DWGs and DXFs and everything links back to 3D, updating instantly so you never have to redraw something again.

Powerful, Intuitive
Sheet Metal

IRONCAD’s ability to move freely between 3D and 2D CAD makes it perfect sheet metal software. Plus, its intuitive interface is easy to grasp and it comes preloaded with a time-saving catalog of sheet metal parts, such as standard fasters.

Patented Intellishapes

IronCAD’s IntelliShape technology lets you push & pull to precisely adjust complex CAD geometry, which can be customised by simply typing values or even adding complex parameters. You can use our pre-made shapes or build your own to use anytime.

Master Supplier Parts

Multiple powerful direct editing tools so you can easily edit imported “dumb solid” CAD models, and even use the patented Triball or shape catalogs on imported parts.

Patented SmartAssembly

Our SmartAssembly technology lets you set “magnetic” snap points so modular components automatically position themselves when dragged from a catalog. This can be used by sales-people on site to provide instant custom CAD models with associated manufacturing details and pricing.

No More History Dependency

There’s no need to worry about deleting a feature that is above other features in the tree, and you have freedom to re-use CAD data at will without worrying how it was originally made.

Get Better Design Perspective

IronCAD lets you stay in 3D longer, giving you a better overall perspective on your design. There’s far less need to go into 2D sketches, which keeps you designing and working in 3D. You still have the option to go into a 2D sketch whenever you like, but staying in 3D helps you keep your mind on the design.

Patented Duel Kernel Power

The only system in the world with patented dual kernel technology providing better import/export capabilities with and providing a backup kernel to solve complex geometry.

Award Winning Triball

The TriBall is one of the most powerful and useful CAD tools in the world. Move, copy, pattern, and link features, parts, and assemblies all in 3D with a few clicks. Get to know the award-winning TriBall and see why it’s one of the most loved tools in the mechanical engineering CAD industry.

Integrated FEA & CFD Tools

Analyse your design from inside the IronCAD interface, then make design iterations and reanalyze them in seconds. IronCAD has free integrated FEA & CFD tools which can also be upgraded to more advanced versions when needed.

Learn It In Days, Not Months

IronCAD is made to think the way you do. Our tools are not only powerful but built to be extremely intuitive. Many people can be comfortably using IronCAD in hours or days, not weeks or months like most CAD software. Whether you’ve got a busy schedule or want to train your team in a flash, we’d be very surprised if they can learn anything else as fast as they can learn IronCAD.

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