UI improvements from parking to evacuation planning.

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From ZWCAD-Poland


This collection of add-ons for ZWCAD allow for an easier and more productive user experience, allowing you more time to do what you do best.

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  • Keep your files safe with timestamped backups.
  • Insert points with the name and number which are automatically incremented.
  • Save the coordinates of selected points or objects strait to a .csv file.
  • Insert points with descriptions from a text file.
  • Draw points, lines or splines.
  • Insert blocks from a .csv file.
  • Insert axis between points, on the axis of an object, by offset or on arcs.
  • Convert circles to symbols easily.
  • Measure the length of elements quickly.
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  • Insert vertical road signs.
  • Easy automation in creating horizontal signs.
  • Simulate vehicle moment.
  • Automate island design.
  • Automate car park stands.
  • Multiple stands to choose from: perpendicular, slant etc.
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  • Help cost calculations by preparing data for a bill of quantities, areal, linear and quality occurrence.
  • Area and line measurement.
  • Full object description.
  • Easy to use search feature.
  • Calculate total sum of length.
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  • Help surveyors be more efficient by easily importing external files.
  • Mark point by name and number.
  • Save/load points in external text files.
  • Insert fence markings.
  • Insert raster images.
  • Quickly and easily turn on/off groups of elements.
  • Improved visibility and UI.

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