ZWCAD 2017

Higher performance and usability is available.


Introducing the latest release from ZWSOFT

ZWCAD 2017

ZWCAD 2017 boats familiar interface and controls to previous CAD users with the addition of 64-bit support for those large files. ZWCAD 2017 has a budget friendly price, no mandatory annual upgrades and a non-expiring license with latest version upgrade.

64-bit support

Take advantage of ZWCAD 2017's new 64-bit engine reducing emery usage by up to 50%, allowing it to open significantly larger files than previous versions.

Smart innovations

Improve your productivity with ZWCAD 2017's innovating smart features. Utilise SmartMouse to create a new document, draw an arc or circle and even erase a drawing with one click!

Fluent and solid working with complex design tasks

Thanks to the new hybrid technology, ZWCAD 2017 is capable of opening drawings 40% quicker and operates 20% smoother compared to previous versions.

Code-level compatible APIs for better solutions

New APIs enable developers to port applications to ZWCAD 10 times faster.

Seamless compatibility with other CAD software

Having gone through over 50,000 extremely rigorous drawing tests to guarantee seamless .dwg compatibility, ZWCAD makes cross-platform communication easier than ever before.

Seeing is believing, ZWCAD in the Philippines

"With the combination of ease of use, DWG native format, feature rich commands, user interface, and affordable price point of ZWCAD, it's looking like I may have just turned the corner and freed myself from an old way of thinking."

Ray Howard
Ray Howard CEO of CAD2BIM Solutions

Buy it now from as little as £499!

With ZWCAD there are no subscription fees to worry about, what you buy is yours to keep. Never worry about those monthly payments again with a perpetual licence that wont stretch the budget.